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backAugust 12–19, 2023 – Air, Sea and Soil: Drawing with Place

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The one-week group residency DRAWING WITH PLACE will launch The Museum of Loss and Renewal’s residency programmes in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, in a new partnership with the Pier Arts Centre, Stromness. The Group Residency will take place at Linkshouse, Birsay and at sites of natural and archaeological importance in Orkney.

The residency will be led by Tracy Mackenna, and Danica Maier: Tracy Mackenna (Professor Emerita; SCO-IT) & Edwin Janssen (Dr; NL) are the founders and co-curators of The Museum of Loss and Renewal. Their collaborative art practice is a creative and discursive site where production, presentation, exchange, co-learning and research meet. “Drawing” is a core component of their artistic practice and is made public in the form of artworks, exhibitions, printed matter, books and journal chapters. Danica Maier is an American artist and Associate Professor in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University (UK). Her research interests are in the un-repeating-repeat and the glitch and line, using subtle slippages and moments of detail to transgress propriety. Her work takes the form of drawing, installation, sound, music and 3D assemblages. Exploring dualities of material and site she explores ideas of expectations, traditional values and labour.

The leaders of DRAWING WITH PLACE activate diverse skills and expertise when they employ drawing (in an expanded sense), publishing and performative modes of working to investigate place(making), (un)belonging, memory, (personal)narratives and imaginary futures. Applications were welcomed from creative practitioners who think through drawing and for whom drawing is a way to investigate and understand place, and from practitioners who have a strong interest in drawing as an area of practice: drawing’ is understood as creative, critical and situated, and as an area of practice in its most expanded sense. In other words, drawing that is experimental, inventive in its form, and responds to place.

The aim of the Group Residency is to develop drawing and approaches to drawing that are experimental, inventive in their form, and that respond to place by collectively investigating a site of global importance. Guided sessions such as ‘Visual Dialogue’, ‘Slow Looking’ and ‘Listening Environment’ will focus residents’ attention to detail. An underlying theme of ‘Micro-Macro’ will connect the group to the residency location and out to the wider world, in consideration of what one brings from a place and what is subsequently left in a place.

The residency experience will stimulate new ways of thinking and experimentation through production, research, co-learning and presentation. The programme will provide a framework and act as a catalyst for deepening observation and expanding awareness in life and art, by engaging with the non-human world through creativity. A key focus will be exploring human relationships with the non-human, and imagining new ways of considering and connecting with what is regarded as ‘wild’. In order to foster receptivity to the world around, a decelerated pace will be encouraged. Whilst simultaneously inhabiting and exploring, we will be alert to the precarious nature of the environment.


Source & further information: https://themuseumoflossandrenewal.life/drawing-with-place/