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backAugust, 2022 – “10 Together: Performances by Longva+Carpenter 2010-2020”

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“10 Together: Performances by Longva+Carpenter”—including Traci Kelly’s essay “The Movement of Small Things Creates the Event”—to be launched in August in Norway. The book is an overview of collaborative practice of Longva+Carpenter (Terese Longva and Laurel Jay Carpenter) in durational visual art performance, providing a chronology of work presented from 2010 to 2020.| Employing visual and gestural reiterations, artists Longva+Carpenter examine the struggle and strength of difference. Beyond personal commonalities in terms of gender, race and class, their cultures and bodies provide significant grist in generating, as well as performing, projects that trouble the notions of time, matter, corporeality and identity.