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backJanuary 12, 2022 – “BODYCHECK” at GEDOK e.V. Stuttgart

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Traci Kelly will be present at the event “BODYCHECK” at GEDOK Gallery to discuss the subject of the “body” in a cinematic and interrogative method. The event is formed based on Filmwniters’ motto of the year: “Everything and Nothing” playing as well as “We.” Different filmmakers and performers from Germany and Britain will participate the event to approach mainly the question “Is the body the cover or protection of our identity, a border between I and We, or everything and still nothing that represents the human being?”

Participants will be Am Gletscher (Julia Wenz-Delaminsky und Christian Eickhoff), Traci Kelly, Anja Klafki, Justyna Koeke, Elke Lehmann, Hollie Miller (UK), Stefanie Reling, Eva Schmeckenbecher, Katharina Wibmer.

Exhibition: 13.–22. January
GEDOK-Galerie, Wednesday–Friday 16.00–19.00 | Saturday 13.00–16.00
Event duration: 3 hours