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In years past, I have inhabited an unbearable skin. Bathing in emollients leaves an oily membrane around the bath. When running my nails along the tide line to test the filmy residue it does not disperse with scraping or rubbing, rather it gathers in indiscernible layers which fold and reconvene under the nails like unstable landscapes. […] Marhaug’s substantial body of work and her body at work speak of hard national economies produced through physical labour, perhaps hinting at female and migrant contributions, which are placed within the value field differently. […] 2010 was also the year of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico. The consequences to local communities and their livelihoods through the destruction of interdependent ecosystems and biodiversity galvanized members of the public to campaign against BP’s (British Petroleum) sponsorship of major British art institutions including Tate Modern and the National Gallery. …


Kelly, Traci. “Corporeal Breaches and Troubled Terrains.” In Liquid Body, Solid Mind, edited by Rita Marhaug. Norway: PABlish, 2017