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backFebruary 20, 2023 – Flesh / Bone/ Breath: Encounters with the Archives of Traci Kelly and hancock & kelly

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In January 2023 Special Collections at DMU received the beautiful, provocative archives of the artists, Traci Kelly and hancock & kelly (the collaborative project of artists Richard Hancock and Traci Kelly). Traci Kelly, Richard Hancock, the Drama, Dance and Performance Studies academics at DMU, and Special Collections are invested in these artist archives as living, breathing, inspiring and generative. Flesh / Bone/ Breath is rooted in that idea. Our collective of artists has forged a dialogue between their distinctive individual practices and the powerful images and materials from the archive.

Since 2001, hancock & kelly have collaborated on a series of works questioning and provoking the gaps between subjects. Through an internationally acclaimed body of work spanning performance, choreography, video, photography, installation, and text, they have continually asked questions of where the limits of the body may be drawn. Issues of materiality, value, and embodied knowledge have been pivotal to the complex critical and aesthetic dialogues they undertake. Their practice moves fluidly between ‘live’ and ‘object-based’ work, and the resulting pieces have been a series of visceral and queer encounters, both moving and spectacular.

Audience members are invited to move around the space, to stay for the full hour and a half of the performance installation, or come and go as you please. You are free to choose to participate when invited or to stand back and witness. This event is part of a wider project, funded by De Montfort University, focused on Creatively Innovating the Archive, coordinated by Alissa Clarke, Harriet Curtis, Elinor Parsons, and ‘Funmi Adewole.