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backJuly 2, 2023 – Carving the Landscape

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“Studio 3000” artists—Traci Kelly, Julia Wenz-Delaminsky and Christian Eickhoff—will be in residence at Kunstvarteret, Lofoten within the arctic circle. The event is an exchange between “Studio 3000” and Norwegian printmakers Rita Marhaug and Kjellaug Hatlen Lunde. It is a joint project on “Carving the Landscape” with Marhaug and Kjellaug joining “Studio 3000” in 2022 in Stuttgart. This year, artists Kelly, Wenz-Delaminsky and Eickhoff will be present in Lofoten working alongside Marhaug and Kjellaug, taking part in Trykk i Sanntid—a live art production event on the theme of carbon taking place on summer solstice on June 21, 16:57, 2023. Embracing an expanded field of printmaking, Traci Kelly will also be joined by Elizabeth Short to make a skin etching. There will be a public sharing on July 2, 2023 and an ultimate joint exhibition in Stuttgart Gedok on September 20–23, 2023.

The exchange project is supported by, in 2022: Gedok Stuttgart, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, LBBW (Baden Württmberg Landes Bank) and in 2023: Kulturamt Stuttgart, Gedok Stuttgart, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart and Kunstvarteret Lofoten.