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backNovember 25, 2021 – Upon The CUSP

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Traci Kelly will be an invited contributor to artist Laurel Jay Carpenter’s Upon the CUSP event where different aspects of being unstable, transitional and flux within creative practice will be shared with a small group of invited participants.

“The idea for Upon the Cusp began with the three of us [Laurel Jay Carpenter, Francesca Steele and Traci Kelly] working together to reconsider performance practices in the Covid-era, experimenting to extend live and embodied practices to digital realms. This transition of personal creative practices, reflected against the shifting socio-political landscape, catalyzed a sharpened awareness of the cusp as its own experience: we had departed, but not yet arrived. We are curious to delve additional aspects of art and life in the midst of transition, from the micro to the macro—including partisanship and the pandemic, midlife and the middle path, gesture and gestalt. Noticing the array of online seminars which have focused on either the suspension of isolation or, more so now, the momentum of re-connecting, we devised Upon the Cusp to open the conversation to the problems and potentials of the space between these defined states of stasis and haste. This is the space of the no longer pre- and not yet post-. What is the capacity of the transition-in-process? How can we embrace the unknown of the cusp?”


“The Center for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP) is an internationally leading research organization funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Directed by Professor Tim Jackson at the University of Surrey, it takes the form of a rich international network, drawing together expert partners from academic and non-academic institutions as co-producers of the work program.”