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Seers-in-Residence is a micro-residency research model developed by Traci Kelly 2012 as an open resource for creative practitioners. Kelly + Jones have applied this model also to their exhibition CaCo3. The Oxford Brookes University researchers who have participated in chronological order of residencies are: Janice Howard BFA (Oxon), MA, SFHEA. Senior Lecturer in Fine Art; Professor Helen Walkington BSc, PGCE, MSc. PhD, FRGS, NTF, PFHEA. Department of Social Sciences; Deborah Pills BA Fine Art, Year 3 and Kate Mahony Associate Lecturer Fine Art

Sitting on a train with my back to the direction of travel I am swaying, my body responds to the motion of the coach as it consumes the tracks. I am lulled ← I am jolted ← I am cradled ← I am lurching → I am assimilating → processing → repositioning → – transitioning into my own interconnected body-vehicle beat. The window view ceases to be a representation of green fields, tall trees and electricity pylons. The landscape enters my eyes as texture and rhythm, flashes of green, dashes of brown, fleeting reflective surfaces. Facing the past as i move forwards, I long for the yet unknown and unforeseen. The Seers-in-Residence research journey is similarly in transit and willfully unencumbered by destination. Each of the researchers, Janice Howard, Helen Walkington, Deborah Pills and Kate Mahony undertook a 3 hour micro-residency with the Kelly + Jones exhibition CaCO3, exploring a decentralised and phenomenological methodology for approaching shared research dynamics. The residency project approaches investigation as a non-hierarchical, non-linear series of happenings that privilege knowledge as a mingling and arrangement of rhythms and textures in anticipation of the appearing of the not-yet-seen.