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backMarch 8–18, 2023 – Incidents by the Sea Group Exhibition

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The group exhibition Incidents by the Sea, held at Gyldenpris Kunsthall in Bergen (Norway) presents the artworks by 6 artists living in Western and Northern (Sápmi) Norway. These visual artists are currently researching materials and subjects related to rural contexts, as opposed to the urban and new technology, which often dominate contemporary culture. Not just the theme, but also their choices of places to live have deeply influenced their production. Modernity versus tradition and cultivation versus nature are the common themes for the works displayed at the exhibition. They intend to create a space of reflection for the viewers to experience a productive interface between past and future. Without being sentimental or nostalgic, they intend to present a broader picture of their lives, here and now.

All artists have developed artistic practice on a varied range of materials and techniques: glass, textile or ceramic and processes, printmaking, drawing, installations, sound and performance. Every artist in the exhibition is connected to Bergen through education, work or as inhabitants of the city for shorter or longer periods. The exhibition refers to body, time and place. In recent years, Longva has worked with the management of communal natural resources. Tangrand has a close relationship with materials that merged from her childhood into her practice of art. Through combinations of painting and embroidery, she clearly identifies herself in a tradition and place. Einarsen’s prints and installations have allowed her Sami background to be expressed through her choice of materials and use of objects. Øyen Vister has particularly explored natural and cultural loss linked to coastal life forms through sound and object installations. Chieco has lived in several places along the Norwegian coast and in recent years has worked with motifs related to those places. For more than ten years, Marhaug has worked with the body’s inclusion in the oil economy. During this exhibition, she presents the installation that contains a blend of traditional tools and abstract elements.

Incidents by the Sea intends to present new images of belonging without falling into nostalgia or dystopia. The artists’ works are based on experience and they focus on how art can represent their life choices; both the material and the political. Equally important is the art’s own topic: fantasy and imagination.



Text by: Rita Marhaug, Group Coordinator