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Core themes in Norwegian artist Rita Marhaug’s creative practice in photography, print and performance are long-standing investigations of “family relations” and “identity.” The many aspects of sensing the extremes of beauty and decay, life and death, are often linked to current ethical dilemmas. Marhaug’s individual practice spans a variety of methods and media. One strand is various ways of researching feminism, through performance, images and objects. Marhaug is originally trained within drawing and printmaking, and bookbinding and photography are other important media picked up during her early studies. In several projects, the four has been combined “over the years” and the “recording of time” has become another strand: the photographic moment, the eye and hand’s collaboration in observing surroundings and the long‌-term planning; years of tracking changes in her own and her family’s body—sometimes published as precious crafted books.

From 2001 until 2013, Marhaug served as a professor of Fine Art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Between 2014 and 2018, she held the position as Artistic Leader of Performance Art Bergen (PAB) and since 2014, she has been Head of the Board at Trykkeriet, Centre of Contemporary Printmaking in Bergen. Marhaug also collaborates with other artists including Terese Longva, Traci Kelly, Nisa Ojalvo, Karen Kipphoff, Gillian Carson and Robert Alda. From 1996, performance has become a central means of expression for her: In 2003, she establishes AKT-B with Kurt Johannessen and Robert Alda in Bergen and later in 2011, this organization transforms into Performance Art Bergen (PAB), a membership organization—Marhaug has been part of the PAB Board since 2012. In 2013, she establishes the Artist Book Group Codex Polaris (CP) with Randi Annie Strand and Imi Maufe: Codex Polaris has been important promoting Norwegian and Nordic artist books in several international events. Since 2012, Marhaug has introduced a variety of materials into her performances and installations: often mixing “ready-mades” with carefully crafted objects, living (and dead) plants and animals in order to emphasize the beauty and decay in her work.


1996 B.A. Art History; University of Bergen (UiB), NO
1993 Vestlandets Kunstakademi; University of Bergen (UiB), NO
1989 M.A. Fine Art; Bergen Academy of Art and Design, NO
1987 B.A. Graphic Design & Illustration–Printmaking Dept; Bergen Academy of Art and Design, NO


2021–Present Deputy Member of the Faculty Board; Faculty of Fine Art, Music & Design (FKMD), University of Bergen, No
2021 External Evaluator of internal project applications; Faculty of Fine Art, Music & Design (FKMD), University of Bergen, NO
2021 Expert Committee Chair for Associate Professor in Performance; Faculty of Fine Art, Music & Design (FKMD), University of Bergen, NO
2020–2024 Advisor Board for Kjerringøy Landart Biennale; Kjerringøy, NO
2019 Expert Committee Member for PHD Positions; Faculty of Fine Art, Music & Design (FKMD), University of Bergen, NO
2019 Expert Committee Member for Associate Professor in “Practical Theory”; Faculty of Fine Art, Music & Design (FKMD), University of Bergen, NO
2019 Jury Leader of HIT-Festival | Haugesund International Festival of Artistic Relief Prints; Haugesund, NO
2018 Peer Reviewer at Oslo National Academy of Art (KHiO) – Faculty of Art and Craft; Oslo, NO
2018 Expert Committee Leader for University Lecturer in Art with emphasis on printmaking – Faculty of Fine Art, Music & Design (FKMD); University of Bergen, NO
2018 Expert Committee Leader for University Lecturer in Art with emphasis on clay and ceramics; Faculty of Fine Art, Music & Design (FKMD), University of Bergen, NO
2018 Expert Committee Leader for promotion to Professor of Time-Based Art; Faculty of Fine Art, Music & Design (FKMD), University of Bergen, NO
2017–2019 Member of the National Scholarship Committee for Visual Artists; NO
2017 Expert Committee Leader for Professorship in Dissemination; Oslo Academy of the Arts, NO
2017 Expert Committee Leader for Professorship in Materials-Based Art Oslo Academy of the Arts; NO
2017 Member of the Editorial Team for Bergen Academy of Art & Design’s Anniversary Publication 245 Years of Art Education; Bergen, NO
2016 Expert Committee Member for Professorship in Sculpture at Bergen Academy of Art & Design; NO
2015–2017 Member of the National Jury of the Yearly Exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus; Oslo, NO
2015 Expert Committee for University Lecturer in Performance Art at Bergen Academy of Art & Design; NO
2015 Expert Committee Member for Research Leader Position at Bergen Academy of Art & Design; NO
2014–2018 Chair of Board Performance Art Bergen (PAB); Bergen, NO
2014–2015 Board Member of Interim Board at Kunstgarasjen; Bergen, NO
2014–2015 Deputy Member of Norwegian Printmakers; NO
2014 Expert Committee Member at Oslo Academy of the Arts; NO
2014 Chair of board at Trykkeriet, Centre of Contemporary Printmaking; Bergen, NO
2013–2016 Board Member, Hardanger Art School (HAKU); Hardanger, NO
2012 Board Member of Performance Art Bergen (PAB); Bergen, NO
2011–2016 Board Member, Founding Board, Hardanger Art School (HAKU); Hardanger, NO
2011–2013 Deputy Chairman of the Board at Hordaland Art School (HKS); Hordaland, NO
2010–2013 Representative at Board; Bergen Academy of Art & Design, NO
2010–2013 Member of the Norwegian Graphic Artists’ Board of Directors; NO
2009–2011 Chair of Board at Hordaland Art School (HKS); Hordaland, NO
2008–2011 Member of the Program Board for IS (International Scholarships), Norwegian Research Council; NO
2008–2010 Member of the Expert Committee for PhD Positions in Art Didactics at Bergen University College; NO
2007–2011 Deputy Member of the Visual Artists’ Aid Fund’s (BKH) Board; NO
2007–2009 Member of the National Scholarship Committee for Visual Artists; NO
2005–2007 Member of Jury for Sparebanken Vest’s “Cultural Scholarship for Words, Sound and Image”; NO
2005–2007 Member of the Supervisory Board for Hordaland Art Center; Hordaland, NO
2004–2006 Permanent Representative of Education Committee for Artists at Bergen National Academy of Arts (KHIB); NO
2003–2005 Scholarship Committee Member at Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (BKFH); NO
2001–2007 Deputy Chairman of the Norwegian Visual Artists’ Board (NBK); NO
1999–2005 Board Member of Bergen’s Art Association; NO


2011–2022 Mentor in Program «Her og der»; Entrée Bergen, NO
2020–2021 Examiner for MA exam at Department of Art and Craft; Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), NO
2020 Examiner for MA exam at Faculty for Art, Music & Design (FKMD); University of Bergen, NO
2019 Examiner for BA exam at Faculty for Art, Music & Design (FKMD); University of Bergen, NO
2019 Examiner for MA exam at Department of Art and Craft; Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), NO
2018 Performance Workshop “HUMAN TIME, NATURE TIME”; Gothenburg, SE
2018 Performance workshop at Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) – part of the theme LIMITS OF CONTROL; Bergen, NO
2018 Examiner for BA exam at Faculty for Art, Music and Design (FKMD); University of Bergen, NO
2016 Workshop Leader at Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts; Khon Kaen University, TH
2015 Guest Professor (Bookbinding – MA students); Bergen National Academy of Arts (KHIB), NO
2014 Examiner for BA degree in Art (Printmaking); Oslo National Academy of the Arts, NO
2014 Guest Professor (Performance Course MATERIE); Bergen National Academy of Arts (KHIB), NO
2014 Workshop at Grafisk verksted; Stavanger, NO
2013 Examiner at Nordland Art and Film Sciences School; NO
2012 Examiner at University of Agder (MA); NO
2009 Guest Professor at Vilnius Academy of Arts; Kaunas Institute, LT
2007 Guest Professor at Bergen School of Architecture (BAS); NO
2004–2007 Guest Professor (Performance); Bergen Art School (KIB), NO
2002 Guest Professor at Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts; Antwerp, BE
2002 Guest Professor at Sarajevo Art Academy; B&H


2021 Festival Fatt det ufattelige, “Oljefat”; Ramberg Lofoten, NO
2020 MOTTAKET, “Time Horizon,” From the Between Sky & Sea Festival; Ålesund, NO
2020 Kunst på kaia, “Wavelenght,” Guest performer; NO
2020 “Ephemeral Architecture”; Finse-camp, NO
2020 The Midnightunscream Festival, “Nattsvermereffekten (The Night Heat Effect)”; Lofoten, NO
2020 Bergen International Performance Festival (BIPF), “HOUR”; Bergen, NO
2020 OPEAN 11; Munich, DE
2019 Open Session with PAB at PAB-Open, Herdla Museum; Bergen, NO
2019 Open Session with PAB at PAB-Open, Grand Hotel Terminus; Bergen, NO
2019 MOTTAKET, “OMLAG Series of Performances”; Ålesund, NO
2019 Ålesund kunstfagskole, Performance-lecture; Ålesund, NO
2019 Kjerringøy Landart Biennial; Kjerringøy, NO
2019 Stormen, Performance-Lecture; Bodø, NO
2019 Open Session with PAB at PAB-Open; Øystese, NO
2018 “Think Like A Rock,” Botanical Garden; Oslo, NO
2018 “Personas”; Gøtaplassen, NO
2018 “IT’S PERSONAL,” Performance Art Tour; Hamlagrø, NO
2018 Midnightsunscream Festival, “Art Must Be Foolish. Artist Must Be Foolish”; Lofoten, NO
2018 “Flaum,” Performance + Drawing Session; Oseana, NO
2018 “Nærmere (Closer)”; Bergen, NO
2017 Jugendsenteret/KUBE kunstmuseum, “In Personas”; Ålesund, NO
2017 PAB Open, “Predator”; Bergen, NO
2017 WAKE Festival, “In Personas,” Performance Festival Folkestone (Kent); UK
2017 Venice Live 2017, “Art Must be Foolish. Artist Must be Foolish”; Venice, IT
2017 Bergen Kjøtt, “In Personas”; Bergen, NO
2017 Klimafestivalen, “Reverse Donor”; Bergen, NO
2016 Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, “In Personas”; Bangkok, TH
2016 Pongnoi Community Art Space, “Territorial”; Chiang Mai, TH
2016 Khon Kaen University, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, “Territorial”; Khon Kaen, TH
2016 Grenland kunsthall under Bjørg Vik dagene, “JA-NEI (YES-NO)”; Porsgrunn, NO
2016 Finse Camp, “(Air) Donor”; Finse Camp, NO
2016 Museum Night at National Sculpture Center of Poland, “Woman 51”; Oronsko, PL
2016 Kunstgarasjen, “Woman 51”; Bergen, NO
2016 Pink Cube, “(Oil) Donor”; Oslo, NO
2015 Gallery 3,14, “(Un)Familiar”; Bergen, NO
2015 Performing at PAB Open Festival; Bergen, NO
2015 Beautiful Lies, “Blind”; Warsaw, PL
2015 Kjerringøy Landart Biennial, “Gester fra skogholtet til flokken, versjon 2”; Kjerringøy, NO
2015 Gallery 3,14, “Crepuscular”; Bergen, NO
2014 International Festival of Performance Art Oslo, “Skin Deep”; Oslo, NO
2014 International Festival of Les ambassadeurs envoient à Marseille leurs délégués, “Skin Deep”; Marseille, FR
2014 Festival of Ephemeral Art, “For Sokolovsko (Second Skin)”; Sokolovsko, PL
2014 Interval No 3 Performance Festival , “Second Skin”; Essen, DE
2014 Dimanche Rouge, Focus on Norge, Le Generateur Paris, “Skin Deep”; Paris, FR
2014 Dimanche Rouge, Focus on Norge, Universite 8, “Skin Deep”; Paris, FR
2014 Dimanche Rouge, Focus on Norge, Maison de Norvere, “Skin Deep”; Paris, FR
2014 Mobius Gallery Space, “Play of Elements”; Boston, USA
2014 NOoSPHERE Gallery, “Second Skin”; New York, USA
2013 British Ceramics Biennial, “Phoenix”; Stoke on Trent, UK
2013 Performance Art Bergen, “Dialogues with Reality”; Bergen, NO
2013 British Ceramics Biennial, “Slipping”; Stoke on Trent, UK
2013 Uferstudios 1, “Dialogues with Reality, Berlin Übungen”; Berlin, DE
2013 Performance Art Bergen, “Crepuscular”; Bergen, NO
2013 Festival of Ephemeral Art, “Play of Elements”; Sokolovsko, PL
2013 Infr’action Venezia, “The Blind Artist”; Venice, IT
2013 Beautiful Lies, “Crepuscular”; Warsaw, PL
2013 “Made in China Hall”; Stoke on Trent, UK
2013 “Made in Air Space”; Stoke on Trent, UK
2013 Performance NÅ 1, Organized by Performance Art Bergen at Gallery 3,14, “Norwegian Liquid”; Bergen, NO
2013 Accion!MAD Madrid Performance Festival, “Norwegian Liquid”; Madrid, ESP
2012 Performance Festival La Muga Caula, “Norwegian Liquid”; Girona, ESP
2012 “Chapter 1: Holding On by Letting Go, On Passing”; Stoke on Trent, UK
2012 Open Festival, Performance Festival Factory Space District 798, “Norwegian Liquid”; Beijing, CN
2012 Beijing Live 2012: Love and Pain, Performance Festival, Flower Art Centre, “Norwegian Liquid”; Beijing, CN
2012 Beautiful Lies, “Pulse”; Warsaw, PL
2011 Høstutstillingen (Norwegian Annual Exhibition), “Norwegian Liquid”; Oslo, NO
2011 Between Sky & Sea III, “Norwegian Liquid”; Herlda, NO
2011 Infr’action Venezia, “Norwegian Liquid”; Venice, IT
2011 Bergen kjøtt, Never or Now Performance Art Festival, “Norwegian Liquid”; Bergen, NO
2010 Scandinavian House, “Norwegian Liquid”; New York, USA
2010 Bergen Art Museum, “60 kg”; Bergen, NO
2010 Bbeyond Belfast, “Norwegian Liquid”; Belfast, UK
2010 Infr’action Sete Frankrike, “Norwegian Liquid”; Sete, FR
2010 Interakcje internasjonal festival Piotrkow, “Norwegian Liquid”; Piotrkow, PL
2010 Bialko-Biala during Museum Night Municipal Culture Centre, “Office Work”; Krakow, PL
2010 Vedholmen Gallery, “Homage to Camilla C”; Lepsøy, NO
2009 European Performance Art Festival EPAF, “Office Space”; Warsaw, PL
2009 Beautiful Lies, “Waking the Park”; Warsaw, PL
2009 Beautiful Lies, “Working the Gallery”; Warsaw, PL
2008 Commission For Artists’ Statement at Bergen’s main square, “1000”; Bergen, NO
2008 Live Action, International Performance Festival Gøterborg; “60 kg”; Gothenburg, SE
2008 Between Sky & Sea II, “24”; Herdla, NO
2008 ArtSwap 2, Warszawa Garden of the University Lib., “I like Poland and Poland likes Me”; Warsaw, PL
2007 ArtSwap 2, Bergen Kunsthall, “Merverdi (VAT)”; Bergen, NO
2007 University of Bergen, Part of the Seminar “Likestilling i forskningen,” “16+42”; Bergen, NO
2006 Kunstnernes hus, Annual Exhibition, “Kollega –konkurrent (Colleague –Competitor)”; Oslo, NO
2006 Phonofestivalen, “…And Then I Wana Be Your Dog…”; Bergen, NO
2006 Performance Festival Edinburgh, “Kollega –konkurrent (Colleague –Competitor)”; Edinburgh, SCT
2006 Hordaland Art Center’s New Year Party, “Kollega –konkurrent (Colleague –Competitor)”; Hordaland, NO
2005 Between Sky & Sea I Internasjonal Performance Festival, “Kollega – konkurrent (Colleague – Competitor)”; Lygra, NO
2005 Performance commissioned for the documentary film The Moon Inside, “15+40”; Madrid, ESP
2005 Bergen Kunsthall (Bergen-Barcelona Art Swap: Dual Art), “Søstre (Sisters)”; Bergen, NO
2005 The Cultural Youth Place North Mouth, “Inner Conversation with YCB”; Barcelona, ESP
2004 Norwegian Interior Architects Association, “Velkommen (Welcome)”; Oslo, NO
2004 Gallery Art Factory, “13 + 38”; Prague, CZ
2003 Kunstbanken, Performance Weekend, “13 + 38”; Hamar, NO
2003 Per Haraldsplass, “Åpning (Opening)”; Bergen, NO
2003 Bergen Architect School’s Oskar Hansen Symposium, “Det vakre (The Beautiful)”; Bergen, NO
2002 Teatr Kazinia, “The Artist’s Studio (Kunstnerens atelier)”; Krakow, PL
2001 Aslaug Moi Frøysnes «Elvis underground- and overground tour,” “Margarita as Elvis-look-alike”; Kristiansand, NO
2001 Ryfylke kunstlag’s annual meeting, “The Artist’s Studio (Kunstnerens atelier)”; Sauda, NO
2000 Opening performance at Døgnfluen, “13+35”; Bergen, NO
2000 Hordaland Art Center (HKS), “Identitet”; Bergen, NO
2000 Bergen kunsthall, “Gate (Port)”; Bergen, NO
2000 Bergens kunsthall, “Art Supporter (Kunstsupporter)”; Bergen, NO
1999 Kunstnernes hus, “Liten mann på høstutstillingen (Small Man at the Annual National Exhibition)”; Oslo, NO
1999 Galleria AT, “Knock Out”; Poznan, PL
1998 Bergen kunsthall, “Knock Out”; Bergen, NO
1997 Høstutstillingen, The Annual National Exhibition, Kunstnernes hus, “Action”; Oslo, NO
1997 Bergen kunsthall, “Action”; Bergen, NO


Solo | Duo | Trio Shows
2023 Galleri Vedholmen, “ALT ENDAR, ALT BYRJAR (Everything Ends, Everything Begins)”; Bjørnafjord, NO
2022 KABUSO, with Terese Longva; Øystese Hardanger, NO
2021 Galleri 2, “Borrowed Landscape”, with Traci Kelly and Nisa Ojalvo; Stamsund, NO
2020 Studio K, “Hard Work Soft Life”; Time municipality, NO
2020 Atelier Fernanda Chieco, “Vitrine Project/The Cell”; Bergen, NO
2019 Lysverket, “GRAVITAS”, in collaboration with Kunstgarasjen; Bergen, NO
2019 Mottaket Ålesund, “OMLAG (About)”, with Terese Longva; Ålesund, NO
2018 Lille Kabelvåg galleri, “Konsekvensutredning (Impact Assessment)”; Lofoten, NO
2018 Christinegård, “TIDE”; Bergen, NO
2018 Kunstgarasjen, “Borrowed Landscape”, with Traci Kelly and Nisa Ojalvo; Bergen, NO
2016 Galleri Norske grafikere, “Føl tanken, tenk følelsen (Feel the Tought, Think the Feeling)”; Oslo, NO
2016 Haugesund billedgalleri, “Føl tanken, tenk følelsen (Feel the Tought, Think the Feeling)”; Haugesund, NO
2016 Pink Cube, “Battle”; Oslo, NO
2014 Galleri Vedholmen, Summer exhibition; Lepsøy, NO
2014 Trykkeriet Center of Contemporary Printmaking, “Nordland VI”; Bergen, NO
2014 NOoSPHERE Gallery, “Second Skin”; New York, USA
2013 Rom 8, “Liquid Bodies, Solid Minds”, with Traci Kelly; Bergen, NO
2013 Bonington Gallery, “From Where I Stand I Can See You”, with Traci Kelly; Nottingham Trent University, UK
2012 Galleri Allmenningen, “Tilfeldige tanker (Random Reasons)”; Bergen, NO
2010 Galleri Vedholmen, “Ting i glass, ting på papir (Things of Glass, Things on Paper)”; Os Municipal, NO
2009 University of West of England, “Before the Outburst”; Bristol, UK
2009 Cultural Center for Various Nations, “Psychoacoustics”; Kaunas, LT
2009 Kunstbanken, “Horisont (Horizon)”; Hamar, NO
2008 Galleri Kunstverket; “Liv og død når du er 42 (Life and Death When You Are 42)”; Oslo, NO
2007 Galleri Skårer, “Etter 18 år (After 18 Years)”; Lørenskog, NO
2007 Galleri GIGA, “Etter 18 år (After 18 Years)”; Stord, NO
2007 Westwerk, “Alles was wir sehen (All We See)”; Hamburg, DE
2006 Evora International Award, “Evora Printmaking Festival”; PT
2006 Galleri Voss, “Alt vi ser (All We See)”; Voss, NO
2005 Galleri Allmenningen, “Gartnerblikket (Gardener’s Gaze)”; Bergen, NO
2003 Hå gamle prestegård, “Fritid (Leisure Time)”; south of Stavanger, Norway
2002 Porsgrunn International Theater Festival, “Fritid (Leisure Time)”; Telemark Art Centre, NO
2001 Haugesund International Film festival, “Fortrolighetens geografi (The Geography of Intimacy)”; NO
2001 Galleri Voss, “Erfaringer (Experiences)”; Voss, NO
2000 Galleri Norske grafikere, “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”; Oslo, NO
2000 Galleria G, “Rita Marhaug”; Helsinki, FI
1999 Bergen Kunsthall No 5, “Family Life”; Bergen, NO
1999 Østfold Kunstnersenter, “Rita Marhaug”; Fredrikstad, NO
1999 Stavanger kunstforening, “Rita Marhaug”; Stavanger, NO
1996 Galleri Norske grafikere, “The Painter’s Studio: A Real Allegory”; Oslo, NO
1995 Bergens kunsthall, “The Painter’s Studio; A Real Allegory”; Bergen, NO
1994 Visningsrommet USF, “Rita Marhaug”; Bergen, NO
1994 Kristiansands kunstforening, “Rita Marhaug”; Kristiansand, NO
1994 Trondhiems kunstforening, “Rita Marhaug”; Trondheim, NO
1993 Spydeberg kunstforening, “Rita Marhaug”; Spydeberg, NO
1992 Andøya kunstforening, “Rita Marhaug”; Andøya, NO
1992 Nord-Troms kunstforening, “Rita Marhaug”; Nord-Troms, NO
1992 Tromsø kunstforening, “Rita Marhaug”; Tromsø, NO
1992 Voss kunstlag, “Rita Marhaug”; Voss, NO
1991 Porsgrunn kunstforening, “Rita Marhaug”; Porsgrunn, NO
1991 Haugesund kunstforening, “Rita Marhaug”; Haugesund, NO
1991 Galleri K 16, “Rita Marhaug”; Ålesund, NO
1990 Kristiansund kunstforening, “Rita Marhaug”; Kristiansund, NO
1990 Galleri Sting, “Rita Marhaug”; Stavanger, NO
1990 Ørsta kunstlag, “Rita Marhaug”; Ørsta, NO


Group Shows
2024 Trykk i sanntid, KARBONPULS; Lofoten, NO
2024 Trykk i sanntid, KARBONPULS; print event several places
2023 Trykk i sanntid, KARBONSYKLUS; print event several places
2023 Kystens kvinner, Gyldenpris kunsthall; Bergen, NO
2023 Group Exhibition, Palacio de Bellas Artes; Santo Domingo, DOM REP
2022 Trykk i sanntid, KARBONLAGRING; print event several places
2022 Trykk i sanntid, KARBONFANGST, Mottaket; Ålesund, NO
2022 SIGLA-BINDA, artist book exhibition at Iceland printmakers gallery; Reykjavik, IS
2021 SIGLA-BINDA, artist book exhibition at Gallery Entree; Bergen, NO
2021 Booked Helsinki Art Book Fair, organized with Codex Polaris; Helsinki, FI
2021 KARBONAVTRYKK Fryseriet, Leknes; Lofoten, No
2021 Art Fair Copenhagen; Copenhagen, DK
2021 BKFH-Salong, Hordaland Art Centre 90 Years; Hordaland, NO
2021 Jubileumsutstilling, Kunstgarasjen 5 Years; Bergen, NO
2021 Rom for bøker, Kristinasand Kunsthall; Kristinasand, NO
2020 Time Horizon, MOTTAKT, Between Sky & Sea festival; Ålesund, NO
2020 Friends, Galleri 2; Stamsund, NO
2019 Salongutstilling Kunstgarasjen; Bergen, NO
2019 Kunstguide artists at VISP, CM 7; Bergen, NO
2019 World Collage Day, Kiosken; Bergen, NO
2019 Summer Exhibition, Galleri 2; Stamsund, NO
2019 CODEX POLARIS at BASTARD, Lillehammer Art Book Fair; Lillehammer, NO
2019 Connecting Provincial Workshops, Galleria Ratamo; Jyväskylä, FI
2019 Norske Grafikere (Norwegian Printmakers) 100 Years, Bodø kunstforening; Bodø, NO
2019 IT’S (IN) OUR NATURE, Bærum kunsthall; Oslo, NO
2019 CODEX POLARIS at CODEX; San Francisco, USA
2019 CODEX POLARIS at Fruit Marked Art Book Fair Bologna; Bologna, IT
2018 CODEX POLARIS at abc Shanghai Book Fair, Museum of Modern Art; Shanghai, CN
2018 CODEX POLARIS at Paper Live headquarters; Hangzhou, CN
2018 CODEX POLARIS at Bentu-One Gallery; Beijing, CN
2018 Connecting Provincial Workshops, Konsthallen Härnösand; Härnösand, SE
2018 Casa das Artes de Tavira (CAT); Tavira, Portugal
2018 ARTMONEY NORD; Helsinki, FI
2018 NIPÅ, Nordic Institute; Aaland Islands, FI
2018 Artists Books, members’ exhibition, Kunstgarasjen; Bergen, NO
2017 Aarhus Festival Week; Aarhus, DK
2017 TRYK2 i Bornholms Kulturuge; Bornholms, DK
2017 Månedens nybakt, Homo Mechanicus, Kunstgarasjen; Bergen, NO
2017 Art Money in Norden; Aarhus, DK
2017 SAMLEDE VERK –å leve med kunst, 40 år med kunst i Bergen, Kunstgarasjen; Bergen, NO
2017 Smak av bok (Taste of Book), 10 artists at Sogn and Fjordane Art Museum; Førde, NO
2016 Smak av bok (Taste of Book), 10 artists at Stormen Library; Bodø, NO
2016 International Group Exhibition of Artist Books, Regional Scientific Library of A. Herzen; Kirov City, RU
2016 Group Exhibition, Stiklestad kultursenter; Stiklestad, NO
2016 Laying to Rest, Videoscreening at Kunstgarasjen; Bergen, NO
2016 Smak av bok (Taste of Book), 10 artists at Visningsrommet USF; Bergen, NO
2016 Spring Art Show in Barcelona, Gallery Art Nou Millenni; Barcelona, NO
2016 Group Exhibition, Kunstgarasjen; Bergen, NO
2016 Pipe Walk at B-OPEN, video program at Upstairs Bergen Kunsthall; Bergen, NO
2015 (Un)Familiar, M. K. Ciurlionis National Museum of Art; Kaunas, LT
2015 Konstnärsböcker från Norden – Nordic Artist’s Book, Gallery Astley; Uttersberg, SE
2015 NORDIC ARTIST´S BOOKS exhibition, Gallery Jangva; Helsinki, FI
2015 Scandinavian Spheres – Norwegian Printmakers during SGC International Printmaking Conference in Knoxville; Tennessee, USA
2015 Bristol Artists Book Event (BABE), Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE (University of West of England); Bristol, UK
2014 The Drop, Video screening at KRAFT; Bergen, NO
2014 The 7th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro; Douro, PT
2014 Norske bøker Doverodde, Doverodde Book Arts Centre; Doverodde, DK
2014 Bergen Art Book Fair; Bergen, NO
2013 Hem : HJEM : koti : heim : heima : angerlarsimaffik Doverodde Book Festival; Doverodde, DK
2013 Wer zu späth komt…, Rom8; Bergen, NO
2013 Livstegn exhibition, Aarhus Festival, Aarhaus public library; Aarhus, DK
2013 The Northern Lights: The Greatest Show on Earth; London, UK
2013 Unrealized and Unrealisable Art Projects: In Between Miracles, Museum of Impossible; Tbilisi, GA
2013 Global Print 2013, Lamego Museum og Douro Museum; Alijo, PT
2013 Hem: HJEM : koti : heim : heima : angerlarsimaffik, Silkeborg Kunscenter; Silkeborg, DK
2012 Dialogues with Reality, Galleri XX1; Warsaw, PL
2012 ODDs exhibition, Litteratursymposiet in Odda; Odda, NO
2012 Dialogues with Reality, Edinburgh Festival, Patriothall Gallery; Edinburgh, SCT
2012 The 6th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro; Douro, PT
2012 Training Nature, Monica Petzel’s gallery (PrintRoom); London, UK
2012 Fellesnevner foto, Leidangsgalleriet; Inderøy, NO
2012 TV-Reality, Prolog of Dialogues with Reality; Bergen, NO
2011 Confessions, Rom8, Bergen Academy of Art and Design; Bergen, NO
2011 Våryr Galleri Puls; Norheimsund, NO
2011 First International Printmaking Triennial of ULUS; Beograd, SRB
2011 With Love, Bergen Academy of Art and Design; Bergen, NO
2010 Unexpected Meetings with Reality, Radøy Art Center; Radøy, NO
2010 Confessions, Salon Akademii; Warsaw, PL
2010 Context Nordic Artist’s Books Exhibition; Gotland, SE
2010 From Bergen with Love, Grafiska sällskapets 100 Years Anniversary; Stockholm, SE
2010 CAMERA, The 5th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro; Douro, PT
2010 Vestlandsutstillingen, Kabuso; Øystese, NO
2010 Context Nordic Artist’s Books Exhibition, Nordens hus; Reykjavik, IS
2010 Context Nordic Artist’s Books Exhibition, Universitetsbiblioteket Umeå; Umeå, SE
2009 Context Nordic Artist’s Books Exhibition; Silkeborg, DK
2009 Kunstnerboken Tegnerforbundet; Oslo, NO
2009 Tallinn International Drawing Triennial; Tallinn, EE
2009 Gifts, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Institute; Kaunas, LT
2009 CONTACT–KONTAKT Contemporary Norwegian and Slovak Art, Oslo City Hall; Oslo, NO
2008 CONTACT–KONTAKT Contemporary Norwegian and Slovak Art; Bratislava, SK
2008 B-open; Bergen, NO
2008 13+35, video screening; Dale i Sundfjord, NO
2007 Greek Tragedy, video screening at Siv Jensen Festivalen, en hyllest til smal kunst; Trondheim, NO
2007 400meterkunst, Vangsgata; Voss, NO
2007 Heime Sogn og Fjordane kunstmuseum; Førde, NO
2007 HUMOR Museet, fotokunst i Odense; Odense, Dk
2007 5th Gravura Festival; Evora, PT
2007 International Printmaking Exhibition, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM); George Town, MY
2006 Global Matrix II, Purdue University Galleries; Indiana, USA
2006 Rust in Nowadays Life, Fujifilm Gallery; Kaunas, LT
2006 Sommerutstilling Årbakka; Tysnes, NO
2005 Cyclop’s Dreams: Artists’ books, comix & zines, Access Artist Run Centre; Vancouver, CA
2005 Ideas About Infinity, The Helen Pitt Gallery ARC; Vancouver, CA
2005 Flying Carpet, IMPACT; Poznan, PL
2004 B-open; Bergen, NO
2004 A4-2004, Kunstverket Gallery; Oslo, NO
2004 4th Gravura Festival; Evora, PT
2004 New Directions in Print, Miskolci Galeria, Varosi Muveszeti Muzeum; Miskolc, HUI
2004 Menstruate this Month, Factory Gallery; Prague, CZ
2003 Desemberutstillingen, Christianssands kunstforening; Christianssand, NO
2003 Samspill mellom forskjeller, Kulturdagene i Fana og Ytrebygda; Hordamuseet, NO
2003 Northern European Print Art Exhibition; Wonju city, KR
2003 International Triennial of Graphic Art; Bitola, MK
2003 Vevringutstillinga; Vevring, NO
2003 The 7th International Biennial of Drawing and Graphic Arts; Gyor, HU
2003 Attr. Leiligh…, Norwegian Printmakers’ Gallery; Oslo, NO
2003 Vestlandske Kunstmisjon; Bergen, NO
2003 Agder kunstnersenter, grafikkutstilling; Kristiansand, NO
2003 REMART, Telemark kunstnersenter; Skien, NO
2003 Galleri Voss; Voss, NO
2002 ArtSwap, Galleria Pryzmat; Krakow, PL
2002 Grafinnova; Vaasa, FI
2002 Portrettbiennial Tuzla; Tuzla, BiH
2000 Highlights in Nordic Photogravure (Høilys på dybtryk) Houston; Texas, USA
2000 Bergen kunsthall; Bergen, NO
2000 Galleri Voss; Voss, NO
2000 Christiansands Kunstforening; Kristiansand, NO
1999 Østfold kunstnersenter; Fredrikstad, NO
1997 Høilys på dybtryk Fotomuseet; Odense, DK
1997 Møte, Bergens kunstforening; Bergen, NO
1996/94 Ljubljana International Printmaking Biennial; Ljubljana, SI
1996 Danske grafikere; København, DK
1996 Nordgrafica, Gotland kunstmuseum; Sverige, SE
1995 Juniutstillingen, Kunstnerforbundet; Oslo, NO
1994 Women Light up the Night; Berlin, DE
1994 Krakow International Printmaking Triennial; Krakow, PL
1994 Osaka International Printmaking Triennial; Osaka, JP
1993 Visningsrommet USF; Bergen, NO
1993 Frechen International Printmaking Biennial; Frechen, DE
1993 Christianssands kunstforening; Kristiansand, NO
1993 Galleri Walaker; Solvorn, NO
1993 Galleri Hjadlane; Ulvik, NO
1991 Modum Kunstforening; Vikersund, NO
1990 BKFH, HKS, Miljøutstilling; Hordaland, NO
1989 Bergen kunsthall; Bergen, NO
1989 Galleri Siverts; Bergen, NO


2022 GEDOK; Stuttgart, DE
2021 NKD, Nordic Artists’ Centre; Dalsåsen, NO
2017 LONGVA Air with It’s Personal; NO
2016 Stiwdio Maelor; Wales, UK
2014 Point B Worklodge, Williamsburg NYC; New York, USA
2007 Westwerk Studio; Hamburg, DE
2005 Gravura Festival Evora; Evora, PT


Public Art Commissions
2020 Sandsli bo og aktivitetssenter i Bergen; Bergen, NO
2019 Vest-lofoten videregående skole; Leknes, NO
2017 Fakultet for KMD, UiB; Bergen, NO
2014 Høgskolen i Bergen; Bergen, NO
2007 Stord sjukeheim; Stord, NO
2005 Fjellsdalen skole; Bergen, NO
2004 Fantoft servicesenter; Bergen, NO
2004 Hop ungdomskole; Bergen , NO
2003 Serenade of the Seas, Carebbian Cruice Line; NO
2003 Gyllenpris servicesenter; Bergen, NO
2002 BKK sitt administrasjonsbygg; Bergen, NO


Organizer | Producer | Curator
2021 Organizer, PAB local, Storetveit Church; Bergen, NO
2021 Curator and organizor of Karbonavtrykk, group exhibition, Meieriet kultursenter; Leknes, NO
2020 Organizer, PAB local, Storetveit Church; Bergen, NO
2020 organizer and curator, PAB Festival, Between Sky & Sea VI; Bergen, NO
2019 “Trykk i sanntid” (Print in Real Time); NO
2019 Organizer and curator team, exhibition Drømmen om fellesskapet, KODE Art Museum; Bergen, NO
2019 Organizer team, PAB-Open; Bergen, NO
2018 Organizer team, PAB International Performance Art Festival (BIPF); Bergen, NO
2018 Organizer team, It’s Personal Tour
2017 Organizer team, PAB Open; Bergen, NO
2017 Organizer, 5th International Performance Art Festival Between Sky & Sea; Bergen, NO
2016/17 Member of editorial group of KHIB publication; Bergen, NO
2016 Organizer team Bergen International Performance Festival, Bergen Kunsthall; Bergen, NO
2015 Organizer, PAB Open; Bergen, NO
2015-17 Curator, temporary art program at Amalie Skram School; Bergen, NO
2014 4th International Performance Art Festival Between Sky & Sea, Herdla; Askøy, NO
2012 Opening arrangement, Performance Art Bergen; Bergen, NO
2011 3rd International Performance Art Festival Between Sky & Sea, Herdla; Askøy, NO
2009 ArtSwap 3, exchange of performance artists between Bergen and Warsaw; Bergen, NO
2008 2nd International Performance Art Festival Between Sky & Sea, Herdla; Askøy, NO
2007/8 ArtSwap 2, exchange of performance artists between Bergen and Warsaw; Bergen, NO
2005 1st International Performance Art Festival Between Sky & Sea, Lygra; Lyngheisenteret, NO
2005 Dual Art, performance evening at Bergen Kunsthall; Bergen, NO
2002 ArtSwap 1, exchange of artists and exhibitions between Bergen and Krakow; Bergen, NO


2015 SKS Stipend for established artists
2014 Project support from Norske grafikere
2014 Residency from Council of Bergen at Point B; Brooklyn, USA
2012 Statens garanterte minsteinntekt for kunstnere
2010 Statens diverse stipend for etablering i Bergen kjøtt atelierfellesskap
2009 Utstillingsstipend sammen med Gillian Carson og Robert Alda, Norsk kulturråd
2006 Statens 3-årige arbeidsstipend
2004 Statens materialstipend
2001 BKH 1-årig arbeidsstipend
1998-2001 Statens 3-årige arbeidsstipend
2003,02, 97, 96,91, 90 Vederlagsfondets stipend
1995 Statens reise-eller studiestipend
1994 Statens etableringsstipend
1992 Norske grafikeres fondstipend


2001,16 Bergens Kunstforening; Bergen, NO
2001,16 Haugesund Billedgalleri; Haugesund, NO
1997, 98, 07 Museet for Fotografi; Odense, DK
1994 Contemporary Art and Cultural Center; Osaka, JP
1994 Ôsterbottens museum; Vaasa, FI
1994 Trøndelag Kunstgalleri; Trondheim, NO
1990,16 Knutsen Shipping OAS; Haugesund, NO
1989, 94, 05 Norsk Kulturråd; Oslo, NO


2004 Artistic Residency; Évora, PT
2002 Honorable Mentions, Grafinnova; Vaasa, FI
1994 Bronze price, Osaka International Print Triennial; Osaka, JP


2020 Hard Work Soft Life, PABlish
2019 Between Sky & Sea V: Tourist, PABlish
2017 Liquid Body Solid Mind, PABlish
2016 Appalling Manners, Kelly|Marhaug, PABlish
2015 Between Sky & Sea IV: Given Place, PABlish
2015 FIRST MOVE: Performance Art Bergen 2011-2015, PABlish




RITA MARHAUG (Artist Book)

The concept of paradox is probably primarily an expression of the limits of the human horizon, and art is above all a phenomenon that belongs to being human. Paradoxes unite and divide at the same time, it tears us, but the term as such also forms a separate space for the opposites that cannot be reconciled. I believe that art can also create such spaces that maintain contradictions and show them off. …

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Dimanche Rouge: Focus on Norway

“Performance art is experience—shared time and space and actions between people,” as Marilyn Arsem puts it in her laconic 2011 THIS Is Performance Art manifesto read out by artist Agnes Nedregard in the course of her performative lecture. Nedregard together with Rita Marhaug are two artists and curators who organized Focus on Norway at Dimanche Rouge, at the Cité Internationale’s Maison de Norvège in Paris. …

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‌Between Sky & Sea V: Tourist

The aim of the fifth edition of the format Between Sky & Sea was to provide professional (performance) artists with a production frame, in which they could challenge our perceptions of geography, identity and politics, in a broader sense. The leitmotif, or backdrop against which they worked, was the growing field the tourist is occupying in our culture. …

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Between Sky & Sea IV: Given Place

The fourth edition of the performance art festival Between Sky and Sea took place on the 30th of August 2014 in collaboration with Herdla Museum. New works by 13 artists were shown outdoors in a singularly impressive landscape. For this festival, PAB collaborated with the polish group IN SITU Foundation’s Context: Festival of Ephemeral Art. …

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Crepuscular Revisited: Apprehending the Crossroads

Roughly in the center of the room, between the columns, a mound of glossy fur lies on the parquet floor. Surrounding it are several transparent balloons, which at first glance look more like soapy bubbles or giant frog spawn—pearls, even. A rustling comes from the mound of fur, generated within by a kind of wriggling movement. As this internal nuzzling and burrowing intensifies, the noise becomes…

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Uncanny Crossbreeds

The writer starts with reference to Franz Kafka’s two short stories, A Crossbreed and In the Penal Colony. According to her, both works are centered around something that the person in question, both the officer in In the Penal Colony and the first-person narrator in A Crossbreed, cannot free himself from. It appears that their existence is intertwined, mutually dependent on one another. The involuntary,…

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Hard Work, Soft Life

Rita Marhaug, in response to the question “But what is your profile – do you want to work with image or concept?” explains: Maybe this question is still relevant for others. My own perspective has taken another direction. Seduction, masking and de-masking are amongst the elements that I value today: that the audience can be simultaneously attracted and repulsed. I value also the contrast between our sense of sight and touch – not least how vision requires distance, where touch demands absolute closeness. …

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The Living in the Dead

Stone and bronze sculpture has portrayed the human body as resistant and unchangeable for thousands of years; a condition that far surpasses the elastic and yielding nature of our transient reality. The soft curves of the Kritios Boy, fashioned from hard marble, exemplify Greek culture’s conclusion of the truth, the good and the beautiful in one eternal image. …

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Performance as It Relates to Gender, Identity and Power

The present text is on Rita Marhaug’s exhibition entitled as The Geography of Intimacy in which the artist has staged her three children in relation to the themes concerning gender and identity. The writer considers the performance art starting mainly as a protest against the institutionalization of the object of art. By creation of art from one’s own activity, artists endeavored to…

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Local (national) Global

Performance art happens where the artist is. In the practical sense, performance is fundamentally grounded in location. In Norway and Bergen region specially, the attitude amongst artists who are interested in and work with this art form has been characterized by enthusiasm and community spirit…

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Art, Life, Roles and Relics: Some Reflections Concerning the Visual Art of Rita Marhaug

Ten years ago, I received the gift of a beautiful woodcut. The print was signed Rita Marhaug (then an art student), and the motif was well known from art history: three graces—voluptuous, dancing female figures. In the foreground of the picture there lay a nude sleeping man. …

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Meeting with the Unexpected

In her latest experience, Rita Marhaug has entered the performance and installation into a surreal space. The improvisation, selection of daily and accidental materials, eclectic scenario with unpredictable happenings and collaborative quality of her works have set a flexible stage for communicating with them. The main axis of all these works is the artist’s body, not merely as a performer, but a “female performer” and her “feminine body.” …

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As if a Sullen Sleep

The Nature has a feminine essence. Growth, fertility, death and re-birth; it has a permanent (thus impalpable) dynamism that despite visibility is not so explicit and distinguished. What in nature attracts the visitor is the very impalpability of this dynamism which is interpreted as serenity and a kind of natural gracefulness. We could consider some closeness between both the woman and nature and the obsolete and abandoned sites. This is because…

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The Skin that Is Stretched

Rita Marhaug has a work called Second Skin made for M K Ciurlionis National Art Museum, Lithuania, together with works from other artists displayed under (Un)Familiar: An installation of a brownish-grey and soft fabric, 15 x 15 m dimension, hung similar to the “skin” from one of the museum’s walls. The fabric ends as being spread all over the museum’s floor and a small green bust in ceramic has been laid somewhere between…

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July 19–22, 2023 –Carving the Landscape

The Carving the Landscape exhibition is the culmination of a 2-year project with Norwegian artists Rita Marhaug and Kjellaug Hatlen Lunde and Stuttgart artists Julia Wenz-Delaminsky, Christian Eickhoff and Traci Kelly. …

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July 19–22, 2023 – Performing Arts Festival

“Stories. The World Is More Complicated Than Our Truths About It” is an interdisciplinary artistic and educational project in the field of contemporary visual arts (including performing arts) carried out by the Mazovian Museum in Płock, Poland, in partnership with Kunstbanken Center for Contemporary Art in Hamar, Norway, under the banner of Franciszka and Stefan Themerson’s work. …

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July 2, 2023 – Carving the Landscape

“Studio 3000” artists—Traci Kelly, Julia Wenz-Delaminsky and Christian Eickhoff—will be in residence at Kunstvarteret, Lofoten within the arctic circle. The event is an exchange between “Studio 3000” and Norwegian printmakers Rita Marhaug and Kjellaug Hatlen Lunde. It is a joint project on…

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March 8–18, 2023 – Incidents by the Sea Group Exhibition

The group exhibition Incidents by the Sea, held at Gyldenpris Kunsthall in Bergen (Norway) presents the artworks by 6 artists living in Western and Northern (Sápmi) Norway. These visual artists are currently researching materials and subjects related to rural contexts, as opposed to the urban and new technology, which often dominate contemporary culture. …

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November 26–Dec. 18, 2022 – BOOKED 2022: Artists Book Exhibition

Rita Marhaug will be at BOOKED 2022 represented by Codex Polaris (Norway). This is an exhibition devoted to books made by artists, conceptual literature and text-based artworks that is organized at Cable Factory Cultural Center by MUU, Finland’s interdisciplinary art association. …

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August 26–29, 2022 – CHART Art Fair 2022

Codex Polaris will represent Rita Marhaug together with 9 other Norway-based book artists at CHART Art Fair 2022 in Denmark. Codex Polaris is an artist collective (founded by Imi Maufe, Rita Marhaug and Randi Annie Strand) that focuses on the book as a work of art, the unique, the handmade. …

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August 8–20, 2022 – Between Sky and Sea VI: Temporal Horizons

Between Sky and Sea VI: Temporal Horizons, curated by Rita Marhaug and Terese Longva, has been held for 12 days (Aug 8–20th) in Skuløy (an island part of Nordøyane north of Ålesund), organized by “Longva Residency.”…

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March 8, 2023 – Group Exhibition in Bergen, Norway

“The Women of the Coast” is the title of the group exhibition including works by 5 Norwegian female artists…

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January 5, 2023 – Group Exhibition in Oslo, Norway

Rita Marhaug to co-produce and co-curate at Galleri Norske Grafikere/Norwegian Printmaker Gallery…

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January, 2023 – 2 Exhibitions (Solo & Duo) in Øystese and Lepsøy, Norway

Rita Marhaug’s solo exhibition and her new videos at a duo show with Teresa Longva…

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February, 2023 – Group Exhibition in Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic

Rita Marhaug’s works to be displayed beside 4 other Norwegian female artists at Palacio de Bellas Artes…

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