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It is often everyday events that are illuminated in my works, either directly in the face of the public as a performance artist, or indirectly through video, photography, graphics and drawing, preferably in combinations.

In West Coast 2000 (Vestland 2000), it is the undramatic events of the family’s road trip through the West coast landscape that are examined in pictures. The perception of the landscape through the car and the experience of the family group in the car compartment is a type of experience many viewers will recognize: The family living in the city on a road trip during holiday to visit relatives who live in village far away. We are like tourists in our own country, but at the same time, this is a well-known landscape we have driven through so many times, we know each turn of the bending road. The sedentary people in the car who move at 70–80km an hour through the western country’s nature and cultural landscape, constantly changing due to the speed of the vehicle.

Summer of 2000 was the start of a series of photo-based images on paper mounted along each other similar to analogue film strips. Helio gravure and drawing is mixed with hand written text; lyrics from Radiohead’s composition Let Down and it came in larger formats, new color combinations, experimental use of matrixes and mounting.