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“Life and Death When You Are 42” (exhibition title)


At some point, uncertain when, we are in the middle of life. When I turned 42, I filled out an Internet form that calculated my expected length of life. The prediction was 84 years. On the opening day of the exhibition, my eldest daughter turns 21 years old. Most people live their lives without the big spectacular events, the undersigned included.

Or, the spectacular lies precisely in life itself:
Children are born and the old die.
Things are created and weathered.

The intention around the work with the drawings and the exhibition “Life and Death when you are 42”, was to address the undramatic everyday life as it appears without too much distance and analysis in advance. Because the production takes its time, both proximity and distance to the artwork arises in the creative process. All show motives of women and their hair, my two daughters, my mother, my grandmother and myself. The exhibition also has other components: objects, videos, another image series, black and white photos with acrylic painting on top and artist books.

Exhibition   Gallery Kunstverket; “Liv og død når du er 42 (Life and Death When You Are 42)”; Oslo, Norway