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Negotiating familiar and unfamiliar obstacles of everyday life, often requires the individual to examine, dismantle, rebuild and at times reinvent the familiar, to regain “familiarity.” Observation of the “self” in familiar surroundings are subject to examination, and attempts at making sense of the world in a wider perspective manifest in artistic practice. While the resulting two- and three-dimensional artistic works, speak of individual experience in personal language, they can be seen to contain a more general expression of wonder and bewilderment, shock and awe in this age of estranged, hot and cold, dirty and clean living.

Marhaug has continued her work with a large “skin-like “fabric first tried out in Berlin September -13. The scale of the beige fabric is now about 200 m2. Another material introduced during the winter has been furs. Marhaug has earlier worked with soft sculptures made from leather, originally from old furniture. For Kaunas she has produced 3 soft fur sculptures. Still spending energy, end joy in drawing parallel to her wide art praxis, another connected series of work will be live drawings from objects and props used in her performance situations.

With colleagues Robert Alda, Gillian Carson and Karen Kipphoff at M K Ciurlionis National Art Museum, 2015

For Alda drawing is a moment of maximum freedom and relaxation. He constructs projects according to an a priori concept. While working with different media, drawing however is always a journey for him. Works by Carson are most often biographical and document the results of emotional reaction. Works explore social/political issues on a basic, human level and question authoritarian intervention. Kipphoff will show an artist book containing facsimiles of all the front pages of the daily paper Bergens Tidende 2011 (plus risographies of sweets and another series of photographic prints of clouds). The originals will also be presented as a combined wall installation. The images in the book are supplemented by an artist statement on the “objectification” of one years’ news in dialogue with the “subjective” consumption of news, sweets and snacks facilitating the digestion and commodification of the news.