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Organizing Identity: Persons and Organizations after Theory

A Tazkar on ‌the Book:
By asking the question ‘Is the end nigh?’, the book aims to investigate the status of ‘identity’ and its relation to the theoretical field. The key presumption of this study is although identity as a concept plays a role in various fields, it has lost its explanatory aspect gradually and it cannot be defined by the theoretical approaches as before. For such presumption, Paul du Gay is much indebted to the studies of Bruno Latour and Ian Hunter who …

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The Absent Body

A Tazkar on Book’s Introduction:
The presence or absence of the things is not merely due to their positioning in the in/appropriate places. The place cannot necessarily make things in/visible. Coming or not coming into view is mostly affected by our behavioral habits, life style and the intellectual history which forms the theoretical approaches. The visibility or invisibility of things does not have a direct relationship with the level of their significance by definition, and this confusion makes the rethinking, reviewing and revisiting of the concepts a must. …

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Hauntology and Delusion of the Living Present

A Tazkar on the Article:
In État Présent: Hauntology, Spectres and Phantoms, Calin Davis has reviewed the significance of hauntology in psychoanalytical and critical works and has spotlighted it according to two main sources. The present text beside paying to the Davis’ approach to hauntology in his article, points to the potentials of this approach in connection to the art practices. ‘Hauntology’ as a term was first used by Jacques Derrida in …

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The Fantasy of Reality and Truth

A Tazkar on the Article:
The present writing is on Judith Butler’s article Bodies That Matter (1999), coming out as a book three years earlier under the same title (1996) by her. It has been attempted here both to clarify on Butler’s argument but also to go beyond it and touch upon applicability of these ideas in the field of artistic production. The main stimuli for this decision, added to the way Butler spotlights the body, are the opening lines of her text …

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